Down with the AT-AT!

Would a galaxy-spanning totalitarian government controlled by a maniacal emperor really spend the time, effort and money to create a hulking machine that looks and moves like an extinct mammal? It’s all intimidation and no teeth; big, bloated, a complete waste of resources. Why continue to use archaic technology when there are better solutions available to deal with your rebellion?

This blog is about new technologies. It’s about making stuff that looks good and is useable by everyone. In our case, everyone means the folks who use our libraries. Discussions may include open source software, widgets, wadgets, blogging, our clunky proprietary OPAC and stuff in general that libraries are doing these days to take tech to the people.

Please contribute! Down with the Empire!

steev baker



  1. Thank you, fearless leader, for getting things moving along in such a forward-thinking manner! And with a logo already!

    Now, for a question…do you want artistic control of the blog design, Steev? Or may we add a widget…or twelve? (Ha ha. I will hold myself in check, I promise.)

    Since you gave us the password, you must reallly trust us!

    I did not actually login with the username/password your provided (yet) because I have my own wordpress account. I think I’ll have to log in with the password if I want to make a post, right? Or have you figured out the guest post thing yet?

    If I want to add widgets, though, then I know I’ll have to login to imanoncommittee…

    Still learning…every single day.

    Connie Meyer

  2. hey connie, i wouldn’t have given you the login if i didn’t want you to contribute! as for artistic control. . .that’s a different issue.

  3. Hi Steev and Connie,
    I’m new to this blogging thing. I’m not sure what I am supposed to accomplish on it. Are we using this to experiment with technology or what? I’ve logged on to the imanoncommittee, but no nothing about widgets, wadgets, etc. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve looked at it.

  4. Nan,

    Excellent that you found your way here. It’s the first step in learning about widgets and wadgets! 🙂

    I only know about blogging because I started one for our building project. It takes awhile to learn the finer points. But writing a post can be very straightforward.

    Maybe we can do a little demo at our next Share TPC meeting.

    Steev, is that on the agenda?

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