Another system goes open source. . .

We here at TPC have been brainstorming for months about how to get our OPAC looking better and working more like a normal search engine. The [proprietary system] we currently use is not very user-friendly and is incredibly ugly. I’d like to believe that if we had had the choice two years ago to move to the open source Evergreen ILS, we would have gone that route. Being stuck with [proprietary system] at the moment, however, I can only look on with envy as more and more library systems move to adopt an open source ILS. The latest is the Michigan Library System, which includes such giant public libraries as Grand Rapids. Their OPAC is freakin’ beautiful.




  1. Down with the evil behemoth known as SIRSI-Dynix (but only in the nicest possible way of course.) Is there a reason we haven’t moved to the gorgeous open-source software already? Is it in the works? I know we librarians tend to move timidly form our comfy snail-shells. But when, oh when, will our patrons be able to keyword search like they do in Google? When, oh when, will we abandon the ridiculous, outdated, and clunky style of cataloging we now endure? “Cookery?!” I look forward to whatever the tech committee comes up with.

  2. One of the biggest issues involving open-source ILS is having the features you need available when you need them. Yes, if you have the expertise, you can develop them yourself or hope another institution using the product wiil develop it, but if it isn’t available when you need it……. Last year Evergreen was featured at WiLS World. It looked very nice but was still lacking in functionality. This year Easternshores Library System investigated both Evergreen and LibLime (Koha) to replace their current Horizon ILS. While they found both systems interesting, niether were ready to replace their current system.

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