OCLC joins the Empire?


As always, Slashdot has some interesting commentary on this particular technology issue:  OCLC wants control over all of its records, including ones that we have paid for. Score one for Darth Proprietary? Not so fast! OpenLibrary offers its records for free, or at least it will someday. Discuss.



  1. Once again corporate greed appears to be winning out over what is actually best for the corporation. If OCLC claims ownership over items we’ve already paid for, what is our incentive to continue paying for them? Are we now renting catalog records?! Don’t mess with librarians, OCLC, we get cranky about such things. OpenLibrary looks like a great resource, and I am in favor of any and all open-source solutions, simply because I’m so tired of some behemoth telling us how we can use our computers. I’m willing to do some unpaid cataloging for an open-source community, how about you?

  2. […] Via SHARE Library Consortium Technology Planning Committee […]

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